Monday, October 22, 2007

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sex ass positionspregnant "The letter,John. The doctors'training course."

Iwas shaking myhead. "I'm not...Iwon't" , Iwhispered.

"Takethe dildo outof your purseand place itsomewhere close."

Ilooked down tosee Sam givingme a blowjob.I quickly lookedto my rightto see Toriisound asleep. Iquickly turned myattention back toSam.

Whenhe went totake another showerI got dressedand left, hisdrying residue warmand slightly tackyon my cheek,chest and arm.

I found myselfstanding to geta better lookand before Iknew it Iwas walking overto them. Staceywas now backto nursing onMike's big blackcock and Philhad moved aroundto her creamy,round ass. Helicked her wetpussy from behind,then eased hiscock into herand slowly startedfucking her. Iwas hypnotized watchingmy pretty, blondewife sucking onMike's black cock.She was closingher eyes andmoaning softly, trulyenjoying the sensationof his cockfilling her mouthand touching herthroat. Mike justsat there andpulled her hairback so Icould get abetter look. Herleft hand wasbusy cupping hisfull balls whileshe sucked him.

Over thenext couple weeksJames and Rebeccacontinued the tawdryaffair they havebeen having. Thetwo of thembecame bolder inthe places theywere having sexin, inside thehouse while thenanny and maidwere there. Jamesconvinced his motherto have sexwith him inthe bathroom ofa restaurant, amovie theatre, carwash, mall parkinglot. The youngman had anendless imagination ofplace he andhis mother couldhave sex at.

"How will youget home?"

"Comeon, Mo. I'mon a roll."

A gorgeous waitresscame over carryinga tray. Stephanie'smouth opened wideat how shortthe girls skirtwas. It barelycovered her assand as shewalked, you couldcatch a glimpseof her brightred panties. Shelooked around andnoticed that allthe waitresses hadskimpy skirts on!The waitress curtsiedbefore placing thered wine andbeer on thetable. She thenplaced a smallbottle of Stolichnayavodka on thetable. "The creamwill be hereshortly." The waitresssmirked as shegave Brenda andSteph a wink.

"No." Shesounded intrigued, "ButI don't thinkwe should messwith him."

Fora pair ofsexual novices, theyoung couple learnedfast and, althoughthey may nothave known justwhat they weredoing right, theimmense love andpleasure they wereboth feeling convincedthem they weredoing something right,and they continueddoing it. Althoughthey didn't knowit, their feelingsfor each otherwere the mostimportant ingredients ingreat sex. Techniquehas its placebut the deepfeelings shared bythe amorous coupleis the mostimportant part ofmaking love.

Sheslowly licked theremnant of thesemen from thecock, cleaning itup. She laynext to me,exhausted, A fewblobs of semenon her chinand upper lip,she used herpalm and spreadit all overher face sayinghuskily that itwas good forthe skin.

"Bruce,I'm . .. a virgin"

With Gail atthe smaller endof the sizescale, two ofmy mom's sisters,Aunt Kathy andAunt Kim, werein the middle.They were bothblondes, Kathy beingthe oldest ofthe aunts, andKim being theyoungest. Kathy hada slender bodyand kind ofa classy airto her, realelegant body language.She had nicelegs that shesomehow always kepttan, a prettyface, a fairlyslender body, andstraight shoulder-length blondehair. Her titswere also prettysmall and therest of herwas in prettyfair shape fora woman inher late forties.